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Child Name Change

Changing your child`s name to your spouse's or cohabitant's name will legitimately transform your child's name, but it will not legitimately make your partner or cohabitant your child's moms and dad. For instance, if your youngster is from a previous relationship and you now transform your child's surname to your existing spouse's name, your spouse will NOT be your youngster's legal parent. The only means to do this is to do an adoption. Each district court has certain local rules that might apply in your case. Consult the clerk of the area court in your nearby area. If you fail to adhere to the neighborhood policies, you may not have the ability to complete your case.

change your child name
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Name Change Terms

The procedure to change child`s name(s) is made complex. Keep in mind: In Nebraska, a "minor" is a child who has not yet transformed age 19. It is up to you to determine whether as well as exactly how you make use of an attorney in your situation. The legislation enables you to do the instance without an attorney, which is additionally called a case. One more choice is to employ a name change support staff to make the process easy for you.

Reason For Name Change

It is necessary to provide a justified reason to the Judge that you want to change the child’s name so the relevant Judge can decide if the name change is in the child’s best interest. In case the Judge doesn’t find that changing the name is not in the child’s best interest then the name change request will be denied. The Judges have to consider several facts for changing child`s name, including:

  • The child`s will, what the child want, keeping in mind the child’s age and experience.
  • What the name change may do to the child’s relationship with each parent.
  • How long the child has used the name
  • Any problems, embarrassment, or harassment that the child may have from the present or new name; and the motives or interests of the parents.
minor's name change

If One Parent Will Not Agree To A Name Change

If any one of the parent will certainly not consent to have a kid's name altered, the various other parents can file papers to request the modification. The non-consenting moms and dad should be offered with duplicates of the name change papers and offered a chance to object. A court might or might not approve a youngster's name adjustment without the other mom's and dad's permission. Read on for additional information regarding exactly how to seek for a child`s name change when only one parent is asking for the name adjustment.

Notice To Parent

You will need to send a copy of a Notice to Parent to the other parent giving them notice that you filed the Petition for Name Change of a Minor Child or Children. If the other parent pays child support, the Notice must be sent to the other parent. If you know that the other parent no longer lives at the address provided to you by the clerk, you may want to mail the Notice to both the address provided by the clerk and the address where you know the other parent currently lives.

Frequently Asked Questions About Child Name Change

1. The child’s Dad had parental rights terminated and has no part in her life. Does the mother need to notify him about the child’s name change?

Termination of parental rights is a serious legal action, and the court will consider various factors when making a decision. Generally, In Georgia, when a father's rights are terminated, the court may no longer require any signature and notice to be served to the father for certain legal matters involving the child.

2. How do I change a child's name if I'm a guardian and not the child's parent?

3. I want to change my child’s name. I do not have the father’s address. What should I do?

4. I am minor's father but not on the birth certificate. Minor has lived here with me. The father listed on the birth certificate has not consented but I do not have contact with him.

5. How much does it costs to change the name of a child?

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minor's name change

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