Frequently Asked Questions in TEXAS

1. How do I legally change my child's name?

2. What if I just need to correct the spelling of my child's name on his or her birth certificate?

3. Who can file a child name change case?

4. Where do I file my child name change case?

5. Do I have to tell the other parent that I want to change our child’s name?

6. Can I change my child’s name if I am the only parent listed on our child’s birth certificate?

7. What if I am worried about the other parent finding out where we live?

8. What if I am unable to locate the other parent?

9. What if I don’t know who my child’s father is?

10. What if there is already a court order about my child?

11. If I change my child’s last name to the biological father’s last name, can I add the biological father to my child’s birth certificate?

Frequently Asked Questions in Florida

1. How can I change my child's name in Florida?

2. How much does it cost to change a baby name in Florida?

3. How long does it take to change a child's last name in Florida?

4. Is it easy to change your name in Florida?

5. Can I change my child's name without father's consent in Florida?

6. Can you put father's name on birth certificate without him there in Florida?