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We love our clients and they love our work. Our team is very experienced in Child Name Change projects.

Thank you to Child Name Change and the team. I need to change my son`s second name from the court. All documents filed at the courthouse! They provide amazing, efficient service, fulfilling name changes. You guys really are the BEST! icon
Johnny Fountain
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I was on my way and I pass by the Child Name Change office. Considering that I spent most of my morning calling and leaving countless voicemails in search of my child's name change legal advice, I walked in and was met by some really nice staff. We discuss all our matter to change the name of my husband`s son. Their attitude was amazing, helpful, and leading. Must recommend Child Name Change to others for the child name change. icon
Sophia James
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I was EXTREMELY pleased with Child Name Change. I conducted my meeting request with their team. She is super-efficient. She scheduled my appointment immediately and completed my power of attorney documents the same day as my appointment. I will be seeking her services again very soon to change my son's name. I recommend Child Name Change to everyone.. icon
Ian Cooper
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